1. Lack of politeness/ Being late

Always remember that the interview begins when you enter the company. Smile and speak cheerfully because usually the first impression matters a lot.  Likewise, being late tells the recruiter that you are not motivated enough to get the job. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview.

2.Dress Code

Before leaving your house, look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you are really dressed up. No matter the old saying « Never judge a book by its cover », the looks are very important too. You have to convey the idea that you’re a professional and that you have confidence. Nevertheless, be careful not to wear too tight or too baggy clothes. It’s important that you feel comfortable.

3.Being too confident / arrogant

Sometimes, you may sound too confident. Too much boasting will discredit you. Instead try to stay modest by using some phrases such as “I had the opportunity to…” and give anecdotes from your other experiences. Being confident is strongly recommended as long as it doesn’t turn into arrogance.

4.Showing your stress

If you have the jitters before or during an interview, it’s completely normal. However, it’s very important to overcome your stress or at least curb it. Recruiters will notice every nervous tic or speech mannerism and they will know at once that you don’t feel at ease. There are numerous relaxation techniques for stress relief. Doing some exercises before the interview may help you a lot.

5.Reciting your CV

Recruiters don’t need you to recite your resume since they already know it. What they expect from you is to enhance the most important points on your resume. You can add things that are not written on it or simply explain some points that you judge essential to.   You have to know the broad lines of your resume and not learn by heart the whole contents. Stay natural!

6.Knowing nothing about the company

Applicants often forget to pick up information about the company they want to work for.  This is a big mistake. If you can’t talk about the company to the recruiters, they will definitely think that you’re not motivated or interested enough. You also want to show that you know the position as well. This way, you won’t stay speechless if you are asked why you want to work for the company or what you like most about the position.

7.Having no question to ask

At the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any question. This is a great opportunity to show the recruiter you are interested in the company. Do not stay silent or reply « No ».  You can always find a simple question to ask the recruiter about the company or the position. Make sure to have at least one question in store before an interview.

8.Not anticipate the trick questions

You can’t escape those. They can be asked at any moment during the interview and you have to anticipate them so they don’t unsettle you and leave you without answers.  Thus, if you are asked “What can you do for us that someone else cannot do?” you’ll be prepared to stand out from the other applicants.

Got all these pointers in mind? Well, if you are not sure you can handle this on your own or simply don’t feel ready; STEPWEST offers job interview preparation and training in all its programs!  Thanks to STEPWEST, you’ll get a guaranteed position in no time.


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