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Canada France Working Holiday 2014


France and Canada signed a new Working Holiday Agreement for 2014

During the visit of French Prime Minister in Canada two weeks ago, Canada and France took the opportunity to sign a new Youth Mobility Agreement.

With the new Agreement, Canadian and French youth under the Working Holiday category will now be able to travel and work in the other country for a total period of up to 24 months (12 months before).

Participants under the co-op internship category, may benefit from an additional period of up to 12 months.

The new Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and France will enter into force once both countries have completed their respective ratification processes. This is expected to occur in 2013.

This is a great news for participants in our 2014 Working Holiday Program. Starting next year, you can now come to Canada and work at a top resort or in one of Canada’s most dynamic city for up to two years. However this program has limited seats, and subject to a quota so make sure to register in advance for a chance to experience this beautiful country!


Canada and Greece signs Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement also called International Experience Canada, which allows Greeks to travel and work in Canada for a period of up to 12 months. There are 3 categories available:

Working Holiday Canada – Greece / Quota: 180

This Working Holiday category is for Greek citizens between the age of 18 and 35 (inclusive) who wishes to come to Canada and work for up to a year. This is the best way to discover a culture, and improve your English language skills. Thanks to the job, you can earn money to pay off your living expenses in Canada.

If you would like to have the security of a job before you leave Greece, and the support of an Agency in Canada, check out our Working Holiday Program which guarantees your casual work placement in Canada, either in the city or at a top resort.

Young Professionals Canada – Greece / Quota: 10

The Young Professionals category is for Greek citizens, between the age of 18 and 35 (inclusive) who wishes to come to Canada and work for up to 18 months in a Canadian company. This allows Greek graduates to further their career by gaining international work experience in Canada under a pre-arranged contract of employment.

If you have an advanced English level, a related degree and one year of related work experience, we can find you a paid internship in a Canadian company in the following 3 categories; Hospitality, Business/Office Administration, Information Technology. Check out our Career Internship Program for more info.

Internship Canada – Greece / Quota: 10

The International Co-op (Internship) category is for Greek citizens who are registered students at a post-secondary institution in Greece and who intend to complete an internship in Canada of maximum 12 months to fulfill part of their academic curriculum.

To participate in this program and apply for the visa, you will need to be a student in Greece and also have an internship offer from a Canadian company. If you have an intermediate English level, and you are available from 1 to 6 months, we have a Professional Internship Program which guarantees your internship placement before you leave Greece.


Experiencia Internacional Canadá abierto en España !!!

El programa de Experiencia Internacional Canadá (International Experience Canada) en España es por fín abierto para los españoles que desean estudiar y trabajar en Canadá por 12 meses. Las categorías son:

Trabajo en Vacaciones (Working Holiday): tendrás la oportunidad de conocer Canadá y trabajar remunerado en el sector de la hotelería y servicios, como hoteles, restaurantes, tiendas, parques de atracciones, ski-resorts, etc. A través de este programa, conocerás personas anglófonas y mejorarás el Inglés mientras viajando y trabajando.

Prácticas (International Co-op): tendrás la oportunidad de obtener una valiosa experiencia laboral en Canadá en tu campo de estudios mientras descubres un país nuevo y haces amigos de todo el mundo. Ser un trabajador altamente calificado con experiencia en América del Norte mejorará tus posibilidades en un mercado laboral competitivo.

Jóvenes Profesionales (Young Professionals): tendrás la oportunidad de trabajar con personas de diversas culturas y conocer nuevas maneras de trabajar en una empresa Canadiense en Vancouver para avanzar la profesión laboral durante un contrato de trabajo previamente acordado (máximo 12 meses). Esta experiencia laboral será sin duda muy ayudante para su profesión futura.

Por más información sobre los requisitos, por favor contacte Claire Han (claire @ stepwest . ca).

Work & Travel in Vancouver und Kanada.

Deutschland und Kanada haben ein Abkommen, welches International Experience Canada genannt wird und es deutschen Staatsbürgern zwischen 18-35 Jahren ermöglicht für ein Jahr in Kanada zu arbeiten und zu reisen.

Es ist eine großartige Möglichkeit dein Englisch zu verbessern, neue Freunde aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen und unser wunderschönes Land zu entdecken und zu erleben.

Abhängig natürlich von deinen Vorlieben, können Work & Traveller sich entscheiden in einer Großstadt wie Vancouver zu leben. Vancouver bietet viele verschiedene Freizeitaktivitäten, sowie jede Menge Restaurants und Bars.

Für diejenigen, die Spass an Sport und Natur haben, besteht die Möglichkeit in einem der beliebten Resort in British Columbia oder in den Rocky Mountains zu arbeiten.

Viele Resort wie zum Beispiel: Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise und Jasper heißen jedes Jahr im Winter und Sommer deutsche Work & Traveller herzlich willkommen. Die angebotenen Jobs sind von deinem Profil abhängig aber viele bevorzugen in einem Hotel zu arbeiten, da oftmals freie Skipässe und auch reduzierte Mitarbeiter Unterkünfte angeboten werden.

Mögliche Jobs in Hotels können zum Beispiel sein: Kellner, Zimmermädchen, Kuechenhilfe, Room service oder Empfangsmitarbeiter. Manche haben sogar das Glück einen Job in einem Ski Resort zu erhalten und als Lift Assistent zu arbeiten. Als Lift Assistant besteht oftmals die Chance umsonst Ski oder Snowboard zu fahren während der Mittagspause oder am Wochenende.

STEPWEST bietet ein Work&Travel Programm für Deutsche Work &Traveller an, welches einen Job nach der Ankunft in Kanada garantiert.

Egal, ob du das Großstadtleben oder eine Resorterfahrung bevorzugst, wir haben viele verschiedene Jobs in Restaurants, Hotels, Einzelhandelsgeschäften oder in einem Ski Resort. Für mehr Informationen sende uns einfach eine email an inquiry @

Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial : Franz from Germany

Franz comes from Germany and is participating  in our Working Holiday Program.

He decided to come to Canada and Vancouver to improve his english, but also to discover a new country and another way of life. Staying a whole year here enabled him to find very different jobs.
First, he was a barista in a coffeehouse where he was preparing drinks and closing the store at night.  Then he worked as a busser in a restaurant, that is to say assisting the servers by setting up and cleaning the tables.

Now, Franz works where he wanted to : at Big White Resort (British Columbia’s second largest ski resort) in the Slope Watch team. As part of his tasks, he is in charge of setting up the signs, watching the slopes or closing the runs.

He enjoys working there because customer contact is important for him. He helps people all day long and in the meantime, he also gets to ski everyday! Even if sometimes, he happens to work under extreme conditions like -20°C!

We offer guaranteed job placement, so if you are looking to improve your English level and for an unforgettable experience, contact STEPWEST.

Expérience Internationale Canada – France (EIC) 2012 est ouverte!

L’initiative Expérience Internationale Canada (EIC) 2012 avec la France est maintenant ouverte ! C’est une tres bonne nouvelle pour de nombreux jeunes citoyens Francais (14000 places disponible) qui pourront grace a ce programme partir au Canada pour un stage ou un job.

Toutes les informations, les formulaires et les documents requis sur ce programme sont disponibles sur le site web de L’ambassade du Canada en France :

STEPWEST propose 2 programmes qui fonctionnent avec les visas disponible via l’initiative Experience International Canada:

Pour plus d’information, visiter notre site internet:

Vancouver Working holiday Testimonial: Peggy from Germany

Peggy  is from Germany, and he is currently participating in our Working Holiday Program for one year.

She arrives in the beginning of the summer.We went to visit her last week at her work she seems happy in her job. She works like cashier and she prepared the table before to serve foods and drink to customer in restaurant.

She loves this job because she meet a lot of people during the days, from different countries. Moreover to work in a restaurant is “the best place to learn and improve the English” according her. Her co-workers are very friendly with her, they help her if she has  problems to understand  the customers, or sometimes,  they say her the easier or the best sentences.

“My co-workers are like a family!”

Moreover, this job admits her to visit Vancouver and his region in order to enrich her culture and to learn more about Vancouver, and the Canadians.

She is very pleased to can combine discovery of country and her job!