Poland-Lithuania: Biometric passport (e-passport)= No Visa needed!

Hey, are you Lithuanian or Polish? Well, I have great news for you then!  Did you know citizens from Lithuania and Poland who have a biometric passport (aka e-passport) don’t have to get a visa if they want to stay in Canada for less than six months?

For those who don’t know about the biometric passport, it has the same properties as the common passport except that it contains an electronic component with a digital ID photo and two digital fingerprints of the passport holder in it. That’s why we qualify it as “biometric”.

Faster, easier and futuristic, this new system will come as a blessing to you if you no longer can stand the unending waiting period to get a visa.

Unfortunately, those who have a non-biometric passport (delivered before Aug 28th 2006) will have to get a temporary resident visa ( TRV) starting from January 1st 2011.

Of course, the visa-free travel for the lucky biometric passport holders doesn’t guarantee an automatic admission to Canada. Anyone who wants to visit Canada has to meet entry requirements.

If you need more information please visit the website of the embassy of Poland in Canada: http://www.polishembassy.ca/ or Embassy of Lithuania in Canada: www.lithuanianembassy.ca/


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