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Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial : Franz from Germany

Franz comes from Germany and is participating  in our Working Holiday Program.

He decided to come to Canada and Vancouver to improve his english, but also to discover a new country and another way of life. Staying a whole year here enabled him to find very different jobs.
First, he was a barista in a coffeehouse where he was preparing drinks and closing the store at night.  Then he worked as a busser in a restaurant, that is to say assisting the servers by setting up and cleaning the tables.

Now, Franz works where he wanted to : at Big White Resort (British Columbia’s second largest ski resort) in the Slope Watch team. As part of his tasks, he is in charge of setting up the signs, watching the slopes or closing the runs.

He enjoys working there because customer contact is important for him. He helps people all day long and in the meantime, he also gets to ski everyday! Even if sometimes, he happens to work under extreme conditions like -20°C!

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Vancouver Working holiday Testimonial: Peggy from Germany

Peggy  is from Germany, and he is currently participating in our Working Holiday Program for one year.

She arrives in the beginning of the summer.We went to visit her last week at her work she seems happy in her job. She works like cashier and she prepared the table before to serve foods and drink to customer in restaurant.

She loves this job because she meet a lot of people during the days, from different countries. Moreover to work in a restaurant is “the best place to learn and improve the English” according her. Her co-workers are very friendly with her, they help her if she has  problems to understand  the customers, or sometimes,  they say her the easier or the best sentences.

“My co-workers are like a family!”

Moreover, this job admits her to visit Vancouver and his region in order to enrich her culture and to learn more about Vancouver, and the Canadians.

She is very pleased to can combine discovery of country and her job!

Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial : Franz from Germany

Franz comes from Germany, he is in Vancouver for one year, in order to improve his English language, and to discover an other country, an other culture.

Franz arrived in August thanks our Working Holiday Program. He found quickly two jobs after his meeting with STEPWEST. He got interview he successfully passed. Firstly, he works in coffeshop, qua barista. Indeed, he is preparing a mixing all the beverages there. In the evening, it is his duty to close the store, so he must do the cash-out.  Secondly, he also works  in a restaurant, he is busser. That is to say, he has to set and clean tables, and to assist the servers. He appreciates these jobs, because he likes foremost the customer contact.

Moreover, in each job, the atmosphere is very warm, and his co-workers are from all over the world, there are lots of guys from Asia, Europe, and South-America and they are very friendly. It is a very rewarding experience for him, because he discovers different cultures.

Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial: Robert from Germany

Robert is from Germany, and he is currently participating in our Working Holiday Program for one year, before going back home to continue his study.

He arrived in the middle of August. A couple of days after his arrival he had an interview scheduled by STEPWEST at a “crepes” restaurant/cafe located on Vancouver busiest street; Robson street. He successfully passed his interview and has been working there since then as a cook. He learned how to make sweet/salty crepes but also homemade style burgers, omelets etc. He is working on the “take out” street side of the restaurant which allows him to talk to customers all day.

We went to visit him last week at his work and he told us a little bit about his work experience. He told us this was a very rewarding experience because he is working and had became friend with people from all around the world; Australia, Korea or Mexico which is allowing to discover new cultures. Also through his job and his life in Vancouver, he has [in less than 2 months] improve his English level a lot.  And finally, he is enjoying the very “laidback” lifestyle of Vancouver and all the “awesome” [his words] outdoor activities.

If you are also interested to come to Vancouver with a Working Holiday Canada with the security of a guaranteed job position and the support of a team of expert that will ensure the best rewarding experience, check out our Working Holiday Program webpage here:

Congrats, Mariana!

Say hello to Mariana Gutierrez! Mariana came from Mexico to Vancouver to study English and while staying in Vancouver during the summer, she wanted to work to earn money to pay off her expenses.

Mariana has an education background in culinary arts (international) and considerable work experience as kitchen manager and assistant chef, back in Mexico. Doing an internship in Canada, however, would no doubt help her resume look even better.

After talking to Mariana to learn about her objectives, we decided to start looking for the right host, and we found it at a local Brazilian restaurant, where Mariana had an interview. Needless to say, she aced it!

Now, she’s learning a lot about how a restaurant in Canada works, having a great time with her co-workers and she is getting paid for it!


Congratulations to Etsuko!

Congratulations to Etsuko who passed her phone interview today. She will be starting her front desk attendant position early June in Lake Louise. If you don’t know where Lake Louise is, well its 40km from Banff in the Alberta Rocky Mountain.

Etsuko came from Japan with a working holiday visa. Her dream was to go work in the Rocky Mountain (especially Lake Louise) – At StePWest, we are really happy to have helped her achieve it 😉

Here is a picture of what Etsuko might wake up to everyday this summer…not bad :p