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Infos sur le Vacances Travail Canada 2014

canada vacances travail

En 2014, plus de 6000 Français découvriront le Canada grace au visa Vacances Travail

Le visa Vacances Travail Canada fait partie de l’initiative Experience International Canada, et permet a plus de 6,000 Français de voyager et travailler au Canada pendant 12 mois. Pour l’année 2014, l’ambassade du Canada vient d’annoncer deux changements très important concernant la procedure de demande;

Demande en Ligne
Fini les demandes par courier avec le risque d’arrive trop tard. Pour 2014, l’ambassade acceptera les demandes en ligne uniquement via leur site internet.

Distribution divisee en 3 étapes
Le visa Vacances Travail Canada a rencontre un succès immense les années précédentes, et due a ce succès le quota était atteint chaque année des les premieres heures de son ouverture. Afin de luter contre cet effet pervert, et permettre d’étaler de façon plus équilibre les demandes sur l’année 2014, l’Ambassade a pris l’initiative de diviser les quotas alloués en les séparant en plusieurs tranches repartie sur différentes dates pendant l’année.

Aucune information n’as filtre concernant la date d’ouverture de la premiere tranche du visa Vacances Travail Canada pour 2014, mais on sait deja que cela se fera en debut janvier 2014!


Discover Vancouver Oldest Neighbourhood: Gastown

Check out a great video made by Tourism Vancouver on Vancouver oldest neighbourhood Gastown;

Home to Vancouver’s tech community and some of its best restaurants, Gastown is a hub of activity for people who have just moved here. A statue of Gassy Jack marks the spot where the city was founded and all around it you will find cafes, bars, nightclubs, shops and lots of other tourist attractions. There is always a buzz– whether its lunchtime or party time. Gastown is one of the trendiest placed to see and be seen. In fact, last year it was named as the 4th coolest neighbourhood in the world!

Our office is located just two blocks from Gastown! We are so close that we can hear the famous Gastown steam clock, which always draws a crowd. It’s also convenient for heading down to sample one of the many pubs on offer after work (a Friday tradition)

As far as employment goes, Gastown is a hub of opportunity. Packed with restaurants, shops and start-ups in IT, animation, social media, marketing, web design and countless others, it’s not hard to understand why its such an up and coming destination for businesses and recent graduates looking to be part of the next big thing. Many of our program participants have been placed in internships in Gastown companies – in IT, tourism, hospitality, social media, marketing etc. etc.

If you’re new to Vancouver or just visiting, Gastown is most people’s first port of call. It’s full of tourist information offices, tour guides, things to do and it’s seen as ground zero for all newcomers. The cruise ships dock just next to the Gastown entrance so there’s always a mix of people from all over the world. It’s also the easiest place to get to as all the transportation services in Vancouver start and end here.

Make sure to come hungry and thirsty and bring your camera!