Facebook opening an office in Vancouver

Facebook opening an office in Vancouver

Facebook opening an office in Vancouver

This news is making a lot of buzz today in Vancouver. Everyone in the digital scene is getting excited by the social media giant; Facebook officially announcing, that they will be opening an office in downtown Vancouver this spring. The office will be used on a temporary basis in order to recruit and train future software engineers of the company.

This is what Facebook said in the press release: “Vancouver was chosen because of its proximity to our Menlo Park, California, headquarters and existing engineering office in Seattle, Washington, and because Vancouver is an attractive city for world-class talent to live and work.”

This is another proof that Vancouver is becoming a prime destination for tech companies. We have seen over the past few years many successful start-ups such as HootSuite florishing in Vancouver.

If your dream career is to work for a start-up company, or in the digital world, or you would like to add international work experience to your resume, our Internship Program offers internships in Vancouver in more than 20 sectors including Digital Business, Information Technology and Online Marketing.

Source: http://www.biv.com/article/20130318/BIV0112/130319937/facebook-office-to-open-in-vancouver-8211-just-in-time-for-bc-election?utm_source=BIV+Daily&utm_campaign=a7e213aa61-Daily_Monday_March_183_18_2013&utm_medium=email

Canada and Greece signs Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement

Canada and Greece have signed a Youth Mobility Agreement also called International Experience Canada, which allows Greeks to travel and work in Canada for a period of up to 12 months. There are 3 categories available:

Working Holiday Canada – Greece / Quota: 180

This Working Holiday category is for Greek citizens between the age of 18 and 35 (inclusive) who wishes to come to Canada and work for up to a year. This is the best way to discover a culture, and improve your English language skills. Thanks to the job, you can earn money to pay off your living expenses in Canada.

If you would like to have the security of a job before you leave Greece, and the support of an Agency in Canada, check out our Working Holiday Program which guarantees your casual work placement in Canada, either in the city or at a top resort.

Young Professionals Canada – Greece / Quota: 10

The Young Professionals category is for Greek citizens, between the age of 18 and 35 (inclusive) who wishes to come to Canada and work for up to 18 months in a Canadian company. This allows Greek graduates to further their career by gaining international work experience in Canada under a pre-arranged contract of employment.

If you have an advanced English level, a related degree and one year of related work experience, we can find you a paid internship in a Canadian company in the following 3 categories; Hospitality, Business/Office Administration, Information Technology. Check out our Career Internship Program for more info.

Internship Canada – Greece / Quota: 10

The International Co-op (Internship) category is for Greek citizens who are registered students at a post-secondary institution in Greece and who intend to complete an internship in Canada of maximum 12 months to fulfill part of their academic curriculum.

To participate in this program and apply for the visa, you will need to be a student in Greece and also have an internship offer from a Canadian company. If you have an intermediate English level, and you are available from 1 to 6 months, we have a Professional Internship Program which guarantees your internship placement before you leave Greece.

Source: http://www.international.gc.ca/experience/destinations/Greece-Grece.aspx?view=d

Vancouver Finance Internship Testimonial: Nanami from Japan

Nanami during her Finance Internship in Vancouver

Nanami during her Finance Internship in Vancouver

Nanami is from Japan and is enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. In order to validate her degree, her university in Tokyo requires to complete an internship in her field of study; Finance. In the future, Nanami would like to work for a global firm, which is why she decided to register for our program; to gain international work experience, improve her english level and get credit from her university at the same time!

After reviewing her resume and going through an interview-preparation seminar with one of STEPWEST Coordinator, an interview was scheduled with a start-up company located in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver which specializes in business loans. The interview went great, and she got the internship position.

As a part of our thorough monitoring, we went to see Nanami at her office a few weeks ago (see pic above). She is very happy with her duties and the project which was given to her as it is challenging. She is helping the team, in screening businesses who can qualify for a loan. She reviews companies’ books, balance sheets, create financial projections and give a report to the decision making team.

She told us she enjoys her internship because  she feels “a part of the team” as they are trusting her with the report, and she can put in practice knowledge she learned in school, although she admitted she had an “intense training” during her first month. In addition, she mentioned that as a part of her screening process, she sometimes go and meet with the applying companies at their places of business, so she is able to meet a lot of new people and expand her network while practicing her english!

Nanami will be back in Japan in a few weeks, where she will finish her last year of university. Her plan is to start her career in the financial sector in Japan. No doubt this internship experience in Vancouver will give her a competitive edge over other applicants.

If you are also interested in coming to Canada in order to do an internship, gain international work experience, improve your english, and expand your network, check out our Professional Internship Program.

Vancouver Accounting Internship Testimonial: Bernadette from Germany

Bernadette at her desk during her Accounting Internship in Vancouver

Bernadette at her desk during her Accounting Internship in Vancouver

Bernadette is from Germany and is enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. In order to validate her Bachelor of Business Administration, her university requires to complete a 16 weeks internships in her field of study. Because Bernadette would like to specialize in the Accounting field in her future career, thus she opted for this sector for her internship in Canada.

After submitting her resume and filling out our application form, Bernadette had a free admittance interview conducted by one of STEPWEST placement co-ordinator. During this conversation, Bernadette explained in details her internship goals, and with our co-ordinator they agreed on her internship wishes. She was accepted in the program, after confirming the payment of her program deposit, the company search began. STEPWEST placement co-ordinator helped her revise her resume so it would fit with the North-American standards. And also prepared her for an internship interview.

An interview was scheduled with one of the leading company for consumer and business protection in North America, for their local Vancouver office. She did a great job during the interview and got the internship position as Accounting Assistant. After preparing her trip, she arrived in Vancouver and was welcomed by our team at our office for an orientation.

A few weeks ago, we went to visit her at her office (see pic above), she and her supervisor were both very happy about her responsibilities and performances. She told us that this experience will definitely help her with her career in Germany, although she mentioned that she might try to stay in Vancouver to pursue an MBA as she “felt in love with the city“!

If like Bernadette, you need to complete an internship as a part of your studies, and/or you would like to gain international experience, and practice your english, check out our Professional Internship Program.

Surveys reveal internships increase chances to get a Job

Daniel during his Geological Engineering internship in Vancouver

Daniel during his Geological Engineering internship in Vancouver

For the sixth consecutive year, two annual nationwide surveys in the United States, both conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), indicate that performing a college internship not only increases one’s opportunities to land a job, but also to keep a job.

The 2012 Internship and Co-op Survey and the Student Survey Class of 2012 revealed that 63% of paid interns received at least one job offer upon graduation. In contrast, only 36% of graduates who have no internship experience received at least one job offer.*

This really comes as no surprise for us at STEPWEST. We help each year more than a hundred students essentially from Europe in getting an internship in Canada. And thanks to their feedbacks, we have seen that once they go back to their country to graduate, they are able to start a career within 1-3 months. Even in countries with current economic downfalls such as France or Spain.

Recruiters prefer candidates with related internship experience, which makes them more “mature“. Thanks to the hands-on practical experience of an internship, the candidates are easier to train and ready to take on their new job responsibilities. Besides, if the internship was done overseas, this project the image of someone open-minded and adaptable. Finally, the language ability gained thanks to an experience abroad gives a definite competitive edge over other job applicants.

If you are a student or a young professional, between 20 to 35 years old and would like to boost your career thanks to an international work experience, check out our Professional Internship Program in Canada.

Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/surveys-reveal-internships-are-precursors-to-landing-a-job-and-keeping-a-job-20130211-00188#.USfMaqWjTwx

The Internship experience featured in a movie

This is definitely NOT what our typical intern’s profile looks like. But this seems to be a pretty funny movie, called “The Internship” coming up in June, featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, two 40-something salesmen, with very little knowledge in the digital age, trying to compete for a job at Google via an internship.

Beside the comedy, this is also a good sign on how, nowadays, internships have became extremely important to boost a career, and lead to a permanent job. And now, even Hollywood has picked on it, so what are you waiting for? 😉

If you are interested to do an Internship in Canada, check out our program here: STEPWEST Internship Program.

Vancouver International Trade Internship Testimonial: Koichi from Japan

Koichi International Trade Internship - STEPWEST

Koichi during his International Trade Internship in Vancouver

Koichi is from Japan and is currently enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. He first studied Business English at one of our ESL school partner for 4 months in order to learn the appropriate vocabulary of his industry.

Six weeks prior to starting his internship, he came to our office to meet with one of our placement coordinator. During this meeting, he discussed his career goals, and defined the internship wish list that will fit with his goals. Following this meeting, STEPWEST placement co-ordinator revised his resume, and invited him to undergo a couple interview preparation workshops. After being well-prepared by our team, he was sent to an interview for an internship in the purchasing department of one of the leading company in the shipping industry.

Although Koichi was nervous due to his high interest in getting this opportunity, he kept his calm during the interview with three of the managers, and answered well all the questions. After a couple of days of waiting, the company got back to our placement co-ordinator offering him the internship position. Koichi was very happy and excited to begin this new experience, understanding this will be a great addition to his resume and definitely will help him secure a job once he returns to Japan.

We recently visited Koichi at his host company (see picture above) to discuss with him and his supervisor. They are both very happy with Koichi’s internship performance, and how he integrated the team. However his internship is ending in a month , and Koichi will soon start preparing his return to Japan. When looking for a job, certainly this international experience will allow him to have a competitive edge on his fellow job applicants.

If like Koichi, you are looking to gain international experience in your field of study, improve your english, and discover one of the best city in the world; Vancouver – check out our Professional Internship Program.