STEPWEST is a Vancouver-based recruitment company that specializes in internships and work placements for international students and young workers. We have years of experience in organizing internships for individuals and groups. We offer our programs in partnership with universities, colleges, ESL schools and international agencies. Our international staff can serve you in English, French, Korean, Japanese, German , Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Russian. Some of our key staff includes:

  • Thomas Prieur – Executive Director
  • Claire Han – Internship Program Manager
  • Ramona Mair – Placement Coordinator
  • Misato Hanamaka – Placement Coordinator
  • Tatiana Deviatyiarova – Marketing
  • Viktor Strom – Marketing
  • Fabien Bel – Student Services

Visit our website: www.stepwest.ca for more information on our internship and work programs.