Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Veronica from Spain

working holiday job vancouver stepwest

Veronica at work during her Study & Work Program in Vancouver

Veronica is from Spain and was enrolled in our Study & Work Program.

After obtaining her bachelor degree, and working for 2 years through various sales assistant positions in Madrid, Veronica decided to come to Canada (Vancouver) to gain North American customer service experience. Additionally, she also wanted to improve her English skills.

She started her adventure with three months of intensive English study at one of our school partner located in downtown Vancouver. Six weeks before starting her job, she met one of our STEPWEST placement coordinator to discuss her job expectations. After reviewing her Canadian-style resume, and going to a couple job interview preparation seminars, she was ready for real job interviews. She did well during her first one, and was hired as a Sales Assistant at a signature swimsuit shop, located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

As a part of our thorough monitoring, we went to see Veronica at her work a month ago (see picture above). She really liked her experience and the duties she had at the store.  She was responsible for the cash register, but also greeting customers and assisting them in finding the swimsuit(s) they are looking for. What she appreciated the most during her work experience was the customers’ patience and indulgence towards her English level, even helping her with vocabulary at times. Consequently, the most challenging part of her job was to interact with customers in an English environment and to try to advice them.

Thanks to this experience, Veronica improved her English level a lot, learnt new vocabulary and she met a lot of new friends coming from all around the world. Without a doubt this experience will help her once she is back to Spain.

If you would like to take part of a similar adventure, where you can improve your English while earning money, take a look at our Working Holiday Program. If you would like to apply or require more information please send us an email at inquiry [@]


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