Vancouver Finance Internship Testimonial: Nanami from Japan

Nanami during her Finance Internship in Vancouver

Nanami during her Finance Internship in Vancouver

Nanami is from Japan and is enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. In order to validate her degree, her university in Tokyo requires to complete an internship in her field of study; Finance. In the future, Nanami would like to work for a global firm, which is why she decided to register for our program; to gain international work experience, improve her english level and get credit from her university at the same time!

After reviewing her resume and going through an interview-preparation seminar with one of STEPWEST Coordinator, an interview was scheduled with a start-up company located in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver which specializes in business loans. The interview went great, and she got the internship position.

As a part of our thorough monitoring, we went to see Nanami at her office a few weeks ago (see pic above). She is very happy with her duties and the project which was given to her as it is challenging. She is helping the team, in screening businesses who can qualify for a loan. She reviews companies’ books, balance sheets, create financial projections and give a report to the decision making team.

She told us she enjoys her internship because  she feels “a part of the team” as they are trusting her with the report, and she can put in practice knowledge she learned in school, although she admitted she had an “intense training” during her first month. In addition, she mentioned that as a part of her screening process, she sometimes go and meet with the applying companies at their places of business, so she is able to meet a lot of new people and expand her network while practicing her english!

Nanami will be back in Japan in a few weeks, where she will finish her last year of university. Her plan is to start her career in the financial sector in Japan. No doubt this internship experience in Vancouver will give her a competitive edge over other applicants.

If you are also interested in coming to Canada in order to do an internship, gain international work experience, improve your english, and expand your network, check out our Professional Internship Program.


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