Vancouver Accounting Internship Testimonial: Bernadette from Germany

Bernadette at her desk during her Accounting Internship in Vancouver

Bernadette at her desk during her Accounting Internship in Vancouver

Bernadette is from Germany and is enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. In order to validate her Bachelor of Business Administration, her university requires to complete a 16 weeks internships in her field of study. Because Bernadette would like to specialize in the Accounting field in her future career, thus she opted for this sector for her internship in Canada.

After submitting her resume and filling out our application form, Bernadette had a free admittance interview conducted by one of STEPWEST placement co-ordinator. During this conversation, Bernadette explained in details her internship goals, and with our co-ordinator they agreed on her internship wishes. She was accepted in the program, after confirming the payment of her program deposit, the company search began. STEPWEST placement co-ordinator helped her revise her resume so it would fit with the North-American standards. And also prepared her for an internship interview.

An interview was scheduled with one of the leading company for consumer and business protection in North America, for their local Vancouver office. She did a great job during the interview and got the internship position as Accounting Assistant. After preparing her trip, she arrived in Vancouver and was welcomed by our team at our office for an orientation.

A few weeks ago, we went to visit her at her office (see pic above), she and her supervisor were both very happy about her responsibilities and performances. She told us that this experience will definitely help her with her career in Germany, although she mentioned that she might try to stay in Vancouver to pursue an MBA as she “felt in love with the city“!

If like Bernadette, you need to complete an internship as a part of your studies, and/or you would like to gain international experience, and practice your english, check out our Professional Internship Program.


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