Surveys reveal internships increase chances to get a Job

Daniel during his Geological Engineering internship in Vancouver

Daniel during his Geological Engineering internship in Vancouver

For the sixth consecutive year, two annual nationwide surveys in the United States, both conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), indicate that performing a college internship not only increases one’s opportunities to land a job, but also to keep a job.

The 2012 Internship and Co-op Survey and the Student Survey Class of 2012 revealed that 63% of paid interns received at least one job offer upon graduation. In contrast, only 36% of graduates who have no internship experience received at least one job offer.*

This really comes as no surprise for us at STEPWEST. We help each year more than a hundred students essentially from Europe in getting an internship in Canada. And thanks to their feedbacks, we have seen that once they go back to their country to graduate, they are able to start a career within 1-3 months. Even in countries with current economic downfalls such as France or Spain.

Recruiters prefer candidates with related internship experience, which makes them more “mature“. Thanks to the hands-on practical experience of an internship, the candidates are easier to train and ready to take on their new job responsibilities. Besides, if the internship was done overseas, this project the image of someone open-minded and adaptable. Finally, the language ability gained thanks to an experience abroad gives a definite competitive edge over other job applicants.

If you are a student or a young professional, between 20 to 35 years old and would like to boost your career thanks to an international work experience, check out our Professional Internship Program in Canada.


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