Vancouver International Trade Internship Testimonial: Koichi from Japan

Koichi International Trade Internship - STEPWEST

Koichi during his International Trade Internship in Vancouver

Koichi is from Japan and is currently enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. He first studied Business English at one of our ESL school partner for 4 months in order to learn the appropriate vocabulary of his industry.

Six weeks prior to starting his internship, he came to our office to meet with one of our placement coordinator. During this meeting, he discussed his career goals, and defined the internship wish list that will fit with his goals. Following this meeting, STEPWEST placement co-ordinator revised his resume, and invited him to undergo a couple interview preparation workshops. After being well-prepared by our team, he was sent to an interview for an internship in the purchasing department of one of the leading company in the shipping industry.

Although Koichi was nervous due to his high interest in getting this opportunity, he kept his calm during the interview with three of the managers, and answered well all the questions. After a couple of days of waiting, the company got back to our placement co-ordinator offering him the internship position. Koichi was very happy and excited to begin this new experience, understanding this will be a great addition to his resume and definitely will help him secure a job once he returns to Japan.

We recently visited Koichi at his host company (see picture above) to discuss with him and his supervisor. They are both very happy with Koichi’s internship performance, and how he integrated the team. However his internship is ending in a month , and Koichi will soon start preparing his return to Japan. When looking for a job, certainly this international experience will allow him to have a competitive edge on his fellow job applicants.

If like Koichi, you are looking to gain international experience in your field of study, improve your english, and discover one of the best city in the world; Vancouver – check out our Professional Internship Program.


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