Vancouver Marketing Internship Testimonial: Hinako from Japan

Hinako during her marketing internship in Vancouver

Hinako is from Japan and is currently enrolled in our Professional Internship Program. She first studied at one of our ESL school partner for 6 months in order to improve her business English, followed by a 6 months marketing internship in Vancouver.

6 weeks prior to her internship start date she came to our office to meet with one of our placement coordinator for a consultation. After discussing her career plan, she decided that a marketing internship would be the best for her. Within 2 weeks, her resume was reviewed to fit with the Canadian standards, and she was prepared for a Canadian-style interview. Once she felt ready, an interview (real this time) was scheduled by a STEPWEST placement coordinator.

She did a great job, and got the internship as a marketing intern for a firm located in downtown Vancouver. She is responsible to prospect potential clients of the firm on the Japanese market. She is also involved with the creation of marketing collaterals (brochure, flyers) to support the sales team.

She told us her responsibilities are challenging and at the beginning she was nervous. But the staff was really helpful and nice to her, and she feels now very comfortable at her internship position. Finally, she reported that her professional business English level has also improved a lot, she has more vocabulary and she is now more confident when speaking in front of a few people.

If like Hinako, you are interested in improving your English level and at the same time gain professional work experience – check out our Professional Internship Program.


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