Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Inna from Ukraine

Inna is a student coming from Ukraine currently involved in our Study & Work Program.

As all of our participants in the Study & Work Program, Inna wanted to improve her English level; both speaking and written skills. Being employed as a sales manager in Ukraine, her employer informed her that if she did, she will be promoted at her return. 

Her adventure in Vancouver began by attending a Top ESL school located in the downtown neighbourhood. She needed to focus on her customer service related vocabulary in order to be able to pass the job interviews that would allow her to get the experience she was looking for.

Consequently, during her first consultation with a STEPWEST placement coordinator, it was agreed that a waitress or hostess position would be a perfect fit for her. After revising her english resume, and attending interview preparation seminars, Inna was ready and thus sent to interviews at restaurants and cafes. She managed to obtain a waitress position in a restaurant right in the middle of the financial district on Burrard Street.

Besides her co-op part time job position, Inna is still studying in the morning so she keeps improving her English on a daily basis! Even if sometimes, she finds it hard to combine studies and work as it does not give her much time for social activities.

If you are interested in improving your English, join our Study & Work Program, which combines intensive in-class study at a top Vancouver ESL school with a   job or an internship experience.


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