Vancouver Tourism Internship Testimonial: Marion from France

Marion is from France and is currently enrolled in our Professional Internship Program.

She decided to participate in STEPWEST Internship Program and do her internship in Canada to improve her English speaking skills, gain experience in her field of study; Tourism and finally discover North American business environment. She knows that it will be a great addition to her resume in order to start her career when she goes back to France.

Why Vancouver? Marion already had discovered Toronto & Montreal during family vacations, and Marion was attracted by the Great West, with its economic Capital; Vancouver!

After successfully passing a Skype admittance interview with a STEPWEST placement coordinator, she was accepted in the Professional Internship Program. The placement coordinator revised her resume, scheduled and prepared her for a Skype interview with a popular tour operator in Vancouver. After getting her internship position, STEPWEST coordinator helped Marion preparing her internship visa application which requires an internship offer from the employer hence why she did the interview over Skype from France.

After getting her visa and internship work permit she booked her plane ticket and arrived in Vancouver, where STEPWEST had arranged homestay accommodation. She is now working as an assistant sales coordinator in the head office of a popular hotel chain located in downtown Vancouver until mid-August. A perfect fit for her knowing she is studying tourism management in France.

She enjoys her experience there because she has a lot of responsibilities and tasks assigned which allows her to learn new things everyday. She mentioned that she learns a lot about the daily business routine :  sending emails, managing work schedule & deadlines, making & receiving phone calls etc. Even if she is still a little bit hesitant on the phone.

If you are looking for an internship as a part of your study, or you would like to gain experience to add to your resume, send us an email at inquiry [@] along with your english resume.
We have various program combinations based on your citizenship which all includes a guaranteed internship placement in a dozen of industries.


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