Vancouver Casual Job Testimonial: Andressa from Brazil

Andressa is a student coming from Brazil currently enrolled  in our Casual Job Program for 4 months.

After studying business management in Brazil, she was looking for an experience to improve her English level. Consequently, she attended Intensive English study at one of our ESL school partner for three months. In order to complete her experience, she contacted us through her school  to participate in our casual job program.

Andressa met with one of STEPWEST placement coordinator to discuss her job expectations. After reviewing her resume, the STEPWEST placement coordinator arranged a job interview for her. Considering her main objective to speak English everyday, it was decided to opt for a customer service related type of positions such as hostess or waitress.

Andressa did great during her interview and was hired in a trendy sandwich shop located in North Vancouver as a waitress, she takes care of  serving customers, making sandwiches and taking orders.

She is really enjoying her position there, especially the “friendliness” of Canadian customers, who are “very welcoming” based on her own words. We have also noticed when meeting with her, that her English level has improved a lot since she started working, benefiting from the daily service with customers.

If you are interested in our Study & Work Program or our Work & Travel Program, which includes a Casual Job in Canada; contact us at inquiry [@]


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