Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Nadya from Russia

Nadya comes from Moscow, Russia, and is participating  in our Study & Work program.

Studying hospitality in Moscow, Nadya was looking for a professional experience abroad to strengthen her resume.  She also felt the necessity to improve her English level, which is more than useful in her field. So she decided to come to Canada, discover a new country – especially the city of Vancouver, which has become very popular in Russia thanks to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

But before having a job, she studied English For Hospitality & Tourism at one of our ESL school partners. This course allowed her to learn all the vocabulary  required to be efficient in customer service in Canada.

After meeting with a STEPWEST placement expert, and discussing job options and her objectives, it was understood that a service position was the best fit for her. After a few meetings with our placement team to enhance her Canadian-style resume and a couple mock interviews, Nadya was ready. A couple interviews and she got hired by a very popular ice cream shop!

She works part-time there as a sales associate, meaning she is in charge in serving customers, taking phone orders and keeping the store clean. She appreciates how the service is structured and well organized.

If you are looking for a similar experience; improve your English while working in Vancouver, contact STEPWEST.


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