Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Maxime from France

Maxime is from France and participating in our Study & Work Program. After graduating from his business school, he felt the need to improve his English level in order to have an advantage over other candidates when starting his career in France.  He decided to come to Canada to discover a new country, and the city of Vancouver, which he had previewed through the TV during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

His Canadian Adventure started with a period of intensive English study at one of Vancouver’s best English school. Thanks to it, he has  increased his vocabulary and  more importantly, his conversation skills.

After meeting with a placement coordinator from STEPWEST, and discussing his goals, a job position in the retail industry seemed a perfect match for him. So STEPWEST arranged an interview with a well-known Canadian retail store. Maxime is now working part-time there as a sales associate, while studying in the morning.  He is enjoying his job a lot; he has become good friend with his co-workers and his responsibilities are allowing him to use English skills everyday. Moreover, thanks to his salary, he was able to afford a few trips across Canada and the United States!

If you would like to live a similar experience; improve your English while working in Vancouver, contact STEPWESTWe offer multiple program combinations depending on your profile and goals – which includes English study, combined with a Casual Job or a Professional Internship Placement in Canada.


2 responses to “Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Maxime from France

  1. Hello! Comment trouver du boulot au Canada svp? Tout genre serait la bienvenue.

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