Canadian Hotel Internship Testimonial: Pamela from Costa Rica

Pamela comes from Costa RicaIn order for her to get a Master Degree in Hospitality Management her university requires her to do an internship of 6 month minimum in a Hotel.

Because she understands that it will be an asset for her resume to have an overseas experience,  she decided with three of her schoolmates to enrol in STEPWEST Professional Internship Program. 

One of their goal was also to discover a new country, a new culture, far from the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica. And they got what they where looking for; Since May 2011 they have been working as Front Desk Agent and Banquet Server for a luxurious hotel group located in the very famous mountain resort of Banff in Alberta. 

Pamela is delighted by her internship position;  she gets to exchange a lot with her international co-workers. Luckily, she and her schoolmates also found time to travel around Canada. Maybe that’s why her main issue is to learn how to save money! Besides the amazing cultural experience, she has also reported that her English has been improving a lot since she started her internship.

If you are looking for an enriching experience in your field of study, and earn money at the same timeWe have professional internship opportunities in various sectors such as business, Information Technology and Hospitality. Contact STEPWEST for more information!


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