Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial : Franz from Germany

Franz comes from Germany and is participating  in our Working Holiday Program.

He decided to come to Canada and Vancouver to improve his english, but also to discover a new country and another way of life. Staying a whole year here enabled him to find very different jobs.
First, he was a barista in a coffeehouse where he was preparing drinks and closing the store at night.  Then he worked as a busser in a restaurant, that is to say assisting the servers by setting up and cleaning the tables.

Now, Franz works where he wanted to : at Big White Resort (British Columbia’s second largest ski resort) in the Slope Watch team. As part of his tasks, he is in charge of setting up the signs, watching the slopes or closing the runs.

He enjoys working there because customer contact is important for him. He helps people all day long and in the meantime, he also gets to ski everyday! Even if sometimes, he happens to work under extreme conditions like -20°C!

We offer guaranteed job placement, so if you are looking to improve your English level and for an unforgettable experience, contact STEPWEST.


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