Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Evgeniya from Russia

Evgeniya is from Moscow (Russia) participating in our Study & Work Program.

She decided to participate in our program to improve her English as this was a requirement from her Moscow employer in order to get a promotion and also discover Canada through Vancouver, the best city to live in the world. Evgeniya began with a 3 month period of English classes at our educational partner; one of the best ESL school in town.

Thanks to this intensive program, she is now a barista in a famous crepe cafe chain located on Vancouver‘s busiest & iconic shopping street; Robson Street.

Evgeniya is enjoying her job;  she gets to speak with an international clientele, and also learned a few coffee making skills. She also became friends with a few of her co-workers.

If you are looking to improve your English level, and earn money at the same time. Or just want to gain experience, contact STEPWESTWe offer multiple program options, which includes English study, combined with a Casual Job or a Professional Internship Placement in Canada.


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