Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial : Olga from Ukraine

Olga is from Ukraine and is currently enrolled in our Study & Work Program.

She came to Vancouver mainly to improve her English level ; but also to practice her communication skills with customers. She arrived in Vancouver and attended Intensive English classes in order to be proficient, and to meet  with future employer’s job requirements.

Olga is now a sales associate in a well-known chocolate shop located in Gastown until the end of July.

She really appreciates her job because she has the opportunity to sell high-quality products. Besides, she also gets to know more about the chocolate industry, a sector she has always been interested in. She told us her conversational English skills have sensitively improved, although she may still have a bit of difficulties with some slang, but that’s why she is here, and she is enjoying the challenge of learning everyday.

If you are looking to improve your English level, and earn money at the same time. Or just want to gain experience and strengthen your resume, contact STEPWEST. We offer multiple program combinations, which includes English study, and a Casual Job or an Internship Placement in Canada.


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