Vancouver Tourism Internship Testimonial: Erina from Japan

Erina is from Japan and is currently enrolled in our Study & Internship Program.

She came to Canada to improve her English but also to practice in a business environment. She arrived in Vancouver in November and began with a 3 month period of English classes, in order to reach a sufficient level to find an internship.

She is now working as a marketing assistant for a very famous Vancouver bus tour company until then end of April. It is located in the heart of Vancouver : Gastown.

She likes working there, because everyday she can decide what she is going to do and her co-workers are here to help anytime.  She insisted on the fact that you learn a lot about business vocabulary and how to be professional : send emails, call clients….
Even if she thinks this last part is the most challenging when negotiating with partners.

If you are looking for an internship for your study, or you believe gaining experience will reinforce your resume, contact STEPWEST.

We have multiple program combination with guaranteed internship placement in a dozen of industries.


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