Vancouver Working Holiday Testimonial : Franz from Germany

Franz comes from Germany, he is in Vancouver for one year, in order to improve his English language, and to discover an other country, an other culture.

Franz arrived in August thanks our Working Holiday Program. He found quickly two jobs after his meeting with STEPWEST. He got interview he successfully passed. Firstly, he works in coffeshop, qua barista. Indeed, he is preparing a mixing all the beverages there. In the evening, it is his duty to close the store, so he must do the cash-out.  Secondly, he also works  in a restaurant, he is busser. That is to say, he has to set and clean tables, and to assist the servers. He appreciates these jobs, because he likes foremost the customer contact.

Moreover, in each job, the atmosphere is very warm, and his co-workers are from all over the world, there are lots of guys from Asia, Europe, and South-America and they are very friendly. It is a very rewarding experience for him, because he discovers different cultures.


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