Vancouver Study & Work Testimonial: Alexandra from Russia

Aleksandra is from Russia, she came to Vancouver last year in November 2010 thanks to our Work & Study Program. She studied English for 3 months at a top ESL school in Vancouver. And work for the 3 following months as a front desk attendant in a hotel located downtown Vancouver. Here is her testimonial:

Why did you choose the Work and Study Program? Search for serious internships abroad with incomplete higher education and with a very vague understanding of what I want to do in this life was, in my view, meaningless. Work programs, also did not fit with what I wanted to do because I wanted to improve my English, and half a year without any educational theory that is not conducive. So the program with study and job was perfect for me.

Why did you pick Vancouver as a destination city? I debated between Canada and Australia, but I heard Canadian people are very nice and its a very comfortable living style. Also Vancouver because its close to Ocean and less cold than my city in Russia.

How did you like your English school? With college I fell in love at first sight. Wonderful, wonderful place, with international students and terrific teachers. Very helpful and competent training and also we did Christmas baking biscuits, all kinds of exhibitions and events.

Did you like the job that STEPWEST found you? While I was preparing for interviews, I found a job very quickly thanks to STEPWEST help. Actually it was the first job of my life. STEPWEST found me a job as a receptionist in a hotel, I did not hesitate. A month later, I was tired and had some issue due to my schedule. STEPWEST helped me and they found me a even more pleasant job – local winery shop at exactly 20 meters from my house. I got to discover and learn about wine and the owner is very friendly.

What would you advise to those who coming to Vancouver? In Vancouver we must go with the clear understanding that there’s a lot of rains and international people. A great city, with everyone very relaxed. Smell of the sea, huge brown geese landing directly under your feet, raccoon peacefully strolling in parking, food from around the world, the streets of flowering pale pink trees, people, calm, and so naturally in harmony with all this beauty. I just would advise anyone to see it.

What are your plans for the future? I have a lots of plans for the future but Vancouver made me realized something and maybe I will try to come back here and this time to start my career.

If you are interested to improve your english at a top English school in Vancouver and also work in order to earn money and pay off your expenses, contact us at inquiry @ to find out more about our Work & Study Program.


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