Felicidades, Carla!

Yet another success story with one of STEPWEST’s students.
When we first met Carla Ramos, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to work a casual job, or do a professional internship.
After careful thinking, she decided to apply for a professional internship, because she felt this would help her professional career.

Carla, who has an educational background in mathematics and statistics, mentioned that she would be happy doing an internship in a company that allowed her to have regular office tasks, especially if they were related to Finances. We quickly went through our host list, and found the appropriate company for Carla; a Vancouver based logistics company that needed an intern for their Financial department.

After going through our one-on-one interview training, Carla met with the company’s Human Resources coordinator and passed her interview. Carla did so well during her internship that she was offered to stay for an extra six months, in a paid intern position. Unfortunately, Carla had to return to Mexico. However, the HR representative put her in contact with the Financial department director of the Mexico City branch of this company, and she will be having a job interview there in January for a full time position.

Carla was nice enough to let us tape a testimonial in which she tells us about how she obtained her internship and some of her duties and responsibilities.

This is a great example of how an internship abroad helps your professional development and boost your career. Carla promised to stay in touch and keep us updated on her status, she is really excited to start her career in Mexico.

One more time we would like to say “Congratulations, Carla!”.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our Professional Internship program, please visit our website or send us an email to: inquiry@stepwest.ca, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.


One response to “Felicidades, Carla!

  1. i am Vicky try to contact with you many time. but your company dont reply. i am interested in work and study proggram. how i contact with you fast. my email vtqtranghp@yahoo.com

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