Fernanda, thank you for your hard work!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Fernanda, who just finished her internship with one of STEPWEST’s hosts, a Vancouver based manufacturing company.

Fernanda, a Brazilian university student whose major is International Trade, said she wanted to work with a Canadian company in order to learn more about how work is conducted in this country.

Working for this company allowed Fernanda to improve her business English in all of its forms: writing, speaking and listening. Some of the tasks she took care of included:

  1. Basic administrative tasks like document and manual preparation
  2. Calling warehouses across Canada to ensure goods are sent to clients
  3. Examined shipping documents to make sure everything is in proper order
  4. Calling clients to update them about their order status

Fernanda mentioned another thing she was very proud of. This internship helped her to overcome her biggest fear: speaking English over the phone. She confessed that she felt a bit afraid in the beginning of her internship, but after a few days, she was calling distributors and clients with no problem at all.

Now she is very confident about her English speaking skills; both in person and over the phone, and she feels this is something that would greatly help her work performance with an international company.

Fernanda also left a great impression on her staff, particularly her supervisor, who had nothing but good things to say about her work.

A few days ago, Fernanda stopped by the office and told us a few things about her internship, the responsibilities she had during this period, and how STEPWEST helped her to prepare for this career changing experience.

Congratulations, Fernanda!


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