Winter is coming and the mountains are receiving their first coats of snow.  As the snowfall grows heavier, more and more ski resorts are getting ready to open!  This brings about a lot of job opportunities for everybody! Indeed, hotels, restaurants and shops in resorts are overbooked at this time of the year, which is why they hire more.

This is a great opportunity to work and have fun at the same time since most of the resorts give their staff free season passes and other perks so you can glide down the slopes during your spare time!

As  it ‘s difficult to get  detailed information on how to get a Canadian ski resort job over the Internet, STEPWEST has decided to publish a series of blog-posts over the next few weeks describing Canada’s top ski resorts. For each one, we will give you a list of good employers to work for, available job positions, perks (accommodation, season passes…) and pros and cons of the resort (night-life etc.).

Our Canada’s top 4 ski resorts guide will describe the following: Grouse Mountain (Vancouver), Whistler/Blackcomb,  Sunshine Village (Banff/Canmore) and Ski Marmot (Jasper)


However if you still don’t feel comfortable with all the steps to find a Canadian resort job or if you are simply too lazy to do so,  STEPWEST can help you.
We offer guaranteed ski resort jobs placement within our Working Holiday and Study & Work programs.  In both programs, you’ll be able to find the job you want in one of the best Canadian ski resorts we liaise with.

For more information, please visit our website: or contact us by email or phone.


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