Parabéns, Daniel!

Finding an internship for Daniel Almeida has definitely been one of our most interesting cases in StepWest. Daniel has a pretty unique education background, a bachelor in Geological Engineering, and of course, he wanted to do an internship in a geological research company that would allow him to not only use his skills (honed by actual field experience back in Brazil), but learn new ones.

After we met Daniel and talked to him about his expectations, we quickly started our search and after a week of talking to several companies, we found an excellent research company that, after seeing Daniel’s resume, wanted to meet him as soon as possible. We set up the interview, and Daniel made such a great impression on the company’s director, that after a couple of days of checking schedules and budgets, he decided to hire Daniel not only for local activities, but for actual mining research trips around British Columbia!

Daniel has been working with them for almost 2 months now, and while he doesn’t get in touch with us very frequently (most of the places he goes to are so remote, that there isn’t an Internet signal around!), every time he does he is sure to mention how happy he is with his internship. He’s having a lot of fun, he’s learning a lot of new skills from his co-workers and he’s really a part of his research team. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Daniel on making the most out of this internship.


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