Vancouver – An international student’s perspective.

Coming to Vancouver for the first time was a very interesting experience for me.

Granted, it’s the only Canadian city I’ve visited, but back then, it came as a shock to see so many international students walking around downtown. As I started to learn more about Vancouver, I understood why students came here. It’s a beautiful, multicultural place, full of interesting places to go.

The weather is very nice…winters are never too cold, and summers are just amazing. It does rain a lot, but all in all, it’s very pleasant. At that time, I only planned to study, but I wish I could have looked into an internship (something I did when I came back, some time later).

If you’re studying in Vancouver, and want to stay here a bit longer, why not improve your resume while you’re at it? Doing a professional internship in Canada will not only make your resume look much better, it will also give you more insight about your career and teach you how a Canadian work environment functions, and here at StepWest, we would be happy to help you with this.

Please check out our website and if you have any questions about the programs we offer, just e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help you as much as we can.


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